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Simon Joyner announces new album, Grass, Branch & Bone, shares “You Got Under My Skin” — listen

on January 22, 2015, 1:45pm

Simon Joyner is a Nebraskan singer-songwriter perhaps best known for his vast and critically accalimed discography, one that’s been a direct inspiration to Conor Oberst and other major Americana figures. On March 17th, he will release Grass, Branch & Bone, his 13th┬áproper full-length and the follow-up to 2012’s Ghost. Where that previous album was unrelentingly dark and cacophonous, the forthcoming effort promises to be much more meditative and pastoral.

Take its first single, “You Got Under My Skin”. Featuring a slow-rolling melody and gentle fingerpicking, the song highlights Joyner’s signature, plainspoken storytelling and earthy charm with lines like, “Make like a tree and lay down some roots.” It’s a delicate and wistful package of low-key folk. Listen in below.

Grass, Branch & Bone Tracklist:
01. Sonny
02. Train to Crazy Horse
03. You Got Under My Skin
04. Jefferson Reed
05. Some Fathers Let The Sunset Bring Them To Their Knees
06. Old Days
07. I Will Not Be Your Fool (The Muse’s Song)
08. In My Drinking Dream
09. Nostalgia Blues

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