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Siskiyou premieres new song “Wasted Genius” — listen

on January 08, 2015, 9:25am

After his band Siskiyou released its sophomore album, 2011’s Keep Away The Dead, frontman Colin Huebert found himself assailed by incessant sounds. In addition to hyperacusis, an over-sensitivity to everyday noise, an undiagnosable inner-ear condition left him unable to listen to music, let alone the ability to write actual songs. Fortunately, with the aid of meditation, Huebert eventually became well enough to return to performing and recording. Rehearsing with the studio knobs turned as low as possible, Siskiyou then set about turning Huebert’s taxing ordeal into the crux of the band’s third album.

Due out January 20th via Constellation, the resulting Nervous LP examines the “literal feeling of being trapped in one’s head and the physical-psychological feedback loop of debilitating anxiety.” That’s certainly an apt summary for the record’s latest single, “Wasted Genius”. There’s an unshakable air of anxiousness and forlorn throughout as Huebert whispers lines like, “I am a wasted genius/ I never go down town.” It all leads to one truly frantic bridge, a wellspring of poignant emotions that finds Huebert bemoaning “All the stupid shit that people do/ And all the ghosts running around this room.” Listen in below.

Produced by Huebert, Leon Taheny, and John Raham, Nervous features guest appearances from Owen Pallett, Colin Stetson, JP Carter, Ryan Driver, and the St. James Music Academy Senior Choir, among others. Find the full tracklist below.

Nervous Tracklist:
01. Deserter
02. Bank Accounts and Dollar Bills (Give Peace a Chance)
03. Wasted Genius
04. Violent Motion Pictures
05. Jesus In The 70’s
06. Oval Window
07. Nervous
08. Imbecile Thoughts
09. Babylonian Proclivities
10. Falling Down The Stairs

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