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Stephen Malkmus covers The Black Crowes, Jarvis Cocker sings Sham 69 — watch

on January 22, 2015, 5:45pm

Last month, Vice threw a star-studded party in honor of its 20th anniversary. The A-list event featured a number of karaoke-like performances throughout the night, ranging from left-field covers (Jonah Hill and Spike Jonze taking on Drake, Scarlett Johansson singing New Order) to downright badass renditions (Pussy Riot paying homage to Le Tigre, Jarvis Cocker totally belting Celine Dion).

Now, more footage from the epic soirée has surfaced. Among the highlights is Stephen Malkmus’ “cover” of The Black Crowes’ “Remedy”, in which he technically just reads lyrics off his phone. There’s also another Cocker performance, as the Pulp frontman takes a crack at Sham 69’s spirited “If the Kids are United”. Looks like an uber fun shindig all around and nothing at all like my C-list karaoke sessions at Sing Sing! Watch both performance clips below.

Stephen Malkmus covers the Black Crowes’ “Remedy”: 

Jarvis Cocker covers Sham 69’s “If the Kids are United”: