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Taylor Swift has trademarked the phrase “This Sick Beat”

on January 28, 2015, 4:45pm

It’s hard to listen to Taylor Swift. It’s hard to see Taylor Swift. Soon, it will be hard to even quote Taylor Swift. Yes, just months after pulling her entire catalogue from Spotify and announcing her now-unaffordable 1989 world tour, the pop star is making sure you can’t make a pretty penny off her lyrics.

Specifically, she’s had the “Shake It Off” phrase “This Sick Beat” trademarked at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The move makes it illegal to slap the three words on things like paper products, stationery, decals, stickers, removable tattoos, and print publications. Additionally, the Knicks’ lone supporter has patented these other 1989 lines: “Party like it’s 1989”; “Could Show You Incredible Things”; “Cause we never go out of style”; and “Nice to meet you. Where You Been?”.

Now that “this sick beat” is off the table, presumably Tay’s constituency of Swifties will be getting down and out about the liars and dirty, dirty cheats of the world. That, or y’all could just make your own T-shirt featuring one of Queen Bey’s arguably better catchphrases, as those are still very much up for grabs. ::praise hands emoji::

Below, revisit “Shake It Off”, the song that started it all.