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The Juliana Hatfield Three premiere new song “Ordinary Guy” — listen

on January 14, 2015, 10:05am

When The Juliana Hatfield Three announced their comeback album Whatever, My Love late last year, it came accompanied by the sunny lead single, “If I Could”. As it turns out, frontwoman Juliana Hatfield didn’t just fill the trio’s first album in 22 years with gleeful ballads, promising that subsequent singles would be “much raunchier rockers.” Today, THJ3 makes good on that promise by sharing a new track called “Ordinary Guy”.

“I have a history of involvement with creatively talented, emotionally damaged substance abusers,” Hatfield says. “It’s never boring but it’s often exasperating and exhausting. In the song I wish for a ‘normal’ guy and a ‘healthy’ relationship. But there is no such thing as normal, I know. The ones who seem outwardly to have it all together, who appear ‘normal,’ are often really insane underneath it all. A secure, well-adjusted, untroubled person is a strange and exotic creature in my eyes.”

Through distorted guitars and ferocious screams, Hatfield recalls all of the troubles that come with dating an addict. The lyrics are unabashedly blunt, detailing her boyfriend wrecking his Jeep, refusing to take his medication, and neglecting Hatfield altogether. Though there’s no semblance of a happy ending to be found, Hatfield’s honesty and poignancy are deeply romantic in their own right. Listen in below.

Whatever, My Love is due out February 17th via American Laundromat Records.

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