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Vincent D’Onofrio shares “Blanche” from his “punk rock spoken word” album — listen

on January 12, 2015, 3:45pm

On March 3rd, actor Vincent D’Onofrio will make the move from Hollywood into music with the release of Slim Bone Head Volt, an album of “punk rock spoken word” recorded alongside experimental composer Dana Lyn. The Law and Order: Criminal Intent star has preceded the release with the delightfully bizarre first single, “I’m A Hamster”, and today, he’s unveiled another preview with “Blanche”.

Unlike its cacophonous counterpart, “Blanche” is a far more evocative and revealing piece. As Lyn creates a solemn atmosphere with gentle string work, D’Onofrio pours his heart out about never getting to play the part of Blanche DuBois (from A Streetcar Named Desire), using that as an analogy for the layers of frustration and uncertainty he feels some 30 years into his acting career. For a man known for playing emotionally nuanced characters, the role of vulnerable poet fits D’Onofrio quite well. Listen in below.

Slim Bone Head Volt Tracklist:
01. Ballerina
02. My Friend Manchester, Part 1
03. Super Beautiful
04. Size Matters
05. Super Golden
06. Pig Tender
07. I’m A Hamster
08. I’m A Cat
09. Thank God Birds Can’t Talk
10. My Friend Manchester, Part 2
11. President D’Onofrio
12. My Left Hand
13. Starman
14. Blanche