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Dan Deacon in 10 Songs

on February 16, 2015, 12:00am
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Dance Party Freak-out

“The Crystal Cat” from Spiderman of the Rings (2007)

Anyone who’s been to a Dan Deacon show will tell you the same thing: you need to see him live. Deacon is a pro at stirring up a PG drug-like frenzy fit for Nickelodeon, getting the crowd involved in call-and-response games while he performs his material. His “let loose” numbers, where he encourages everyone to dance nonstop, even if it means running in place, are the easiest. “The Crystal Cat” will forever live at the top of Dan Deacon’s catalog for that reason.

Back when Dan Deacon would perform with two drummers, “The Crystal Cat” was a rush of endorphins. The song was a race between the two. Who could hit the bass drum fastest? Who could slip in the most drum rolls between downbeats? How was Deacon putting this many blips into a single second while screaming his head off? He would later go on to drop “Woof Woof” and “Guilford Avenue Bridge”, both of which bounce while sucking helium from balloons, but nothing matches the unfathomable fever of “The Crystal Cat” live. There’s something about the song’s utter chaos that encourages the most reserved people to dance like they’re in their bedroom — and love every second of it. –Nina Corcoran


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