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Penguin Prison remixes Oh Land’s “Head Up High” — listen

on February 25, 2015, 1:10pm

Danish singer-songwriter Nanna Øland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, released her fourth album Earth Sick late last year, yet the album’s lead single “Head Up High” continues to find new life thanks to high profile remixes. Earlier this month, MS MR offered their jaunty interpretation of the single, and now now synthpop producer Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, takes a stab at the track.

“I love how he has changed the chords to give a completely different harmonic feel,” Fabricius says of the new version. “It feels very ’80s and a bit disco.  I also love how changing the chords makes the melody sounds differ.”

The moodiness that permeates throughout Fabricius’ original version is replaced by Glover’s infectious party vibes. Snapping drums open the track, quickly followed by a funk-inspired bass line. When Fabricius sings on the chorus that she’ll hold her head up higher, it feels even more celebratory than her original recording.

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