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Rap Beefs, 2015 Edition: Iggy Azalea vs. Papa John’s

on February 09, 2015, 6:45pm

Iggy Azalea walked away completely empty-handed from Sunday’s Grammys broadcast, nary a golden statue in sight despite a sizable string of hits last year. However, the Aussie pop star seems to have a much bigger problem on her hands: Papa John’s.

As the story goes, after placing an order for some grub (perhaps a Cinnapie?), Azalea’s delivery guy shared her phone number with his family members, many of whom went on to repeatedly call and text the “Fancy” artist throughout Sunday evening.

Flabbergasted and appalled by what she calls a “data breach”, Azalea quickly took to Twitter to publicly shame Papa John’s yesterday. Oh, and shame she did … using a slew torrential flood of stern and reprimanding tweets. At one point, following a rather lackluster apology from the pizza chain, she even threatened to file a lawsuit.

Iggy’s tirade didn’t end there, either. Earlier this afternoon, she went all “Black Window” by unleashing even more seething tweets, again calling on Papa John’s to address its confidentiality problem.

Breaches of confidential information and invasion of privacy are no laughing matter, to be sure, and Iggy’s totally right to be upset. (It’s especially troubling given the recent fiasco with Sony and its internal emails.) That being said, there’s a time and a place for dealing with such corporate unprofessionalism; one or two tweets sounds fine, but a flurry of like 15 over the course of 24 hour seems a bit of overkill. You could always just stay in and bake a DiGiorno’s, Ms. Azalea.