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Stream Moby and Daniel Ahearn’s original soundtrack for The Ever After — listen

on February 26, 2015, 11:15am

Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies, the upcoming Point Break remake) and Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World13 Sins) are most widely known for their actings roles. Recently, however, the pair teamed up to co-write a small independent feature called The Ever After, in which they both star and Webber directs.

The film follows a disintegrating marriage in Los Angeles as two “lovers struggle to overcome the everyday temptations of an ordinary human life; what they discover is somewhat extraordinary.” (Almost ironically, Palmer and Webber got engaged during filming and were married in 2013.) To help bring the story to life, the filmmakers enlisted the equally extraordinary talents of Moby and LA alt folk singer-songwriter Daniel Ahearn to contribute original music for the movie.

“Working with Daniel and Moby on the score for The Ever [After] was such a gift for me as a filmmaker,” Webber says. “I remember Daniel would send me links to bits of score the moment he was done in a frenzy, and it was just perfect every time. The ultimate organic collaboration that felt effortless.”

Each artist supplied five new tracks for the soundtrack. Moby’s offerings range from the jiving “Break 2012” to the slow, heavy whirl of “Viktor Plane”, all of the songs playing heavily in the electronica DJ’s wheelhouse. Ahearn, meanwhile, serves up minimalist slices of indie music, lush and often heartbreaking.

“It was a beautiful experience to be able to contribute to this film — and I am very grateful to have been involved,” say Ahearn. “Naturally, it was an extraordinary thrill to have the chance to work with Moby on the soundtrack — he’s an incredible artist and I learned a lot from him during the process.”

Together, and alongside single tracks from DA & The Jones, Mindy Jones and Kai Lelion, they form a captivating backbone for the film’s raw exploration of the trials of married life. Take a listen below.

The Ever After also stars Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Rosario Dawson, Phoebe Tonkin, and Joshua Leonard. You can buy the film for $10 dollars via the official website, and tack on the soundtrack for an additional $5. Below, watch a trailer.

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