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Stream: Twin River’s debut album Should the Light Go Out

on February 09, 2015, 10:10am

February 17th will see Light Organ Records release Should the Light Go Out, the debut record from Vancouver’s genre-mashing garage pop outfit Twin River. A full week before it drops, the album is streaming in full below.

Twin River has come a long way since forming in 2009. Back then, the band consisted of Courtney Ewan Bromley and guitarist Andy Bishop “sitting up there, cross-legged on stools” playing acoustic ballads with rich harmonies. Even when they picked up guitarist Malcolm Jack and singer-keyboardist Rebecca Law Gray to record their 2011 EP Rough Gold, the songs remained largely gentle folk numbers, if a bit more rounded by the new musicians. With the addition of drummer Dustin John Bromley, however, the five-piece switched up its style considerably.

Now, Twin River delivers a lo-fi blend of pop, folk, and indie music covered in the fuzz of garage recordings and riding the back of some heavy synths. “This might sound pretty cheesy,” Ewan Bromley said in an official bio, “but I think it was a case of growing up and not wanting to write sad music. I don’t really listen to a lot of slow, sad stuff anymore. It’s more fun to play in a synth-y rock band, and more fun to listen to.”

Listen to the 10-track effort album below. Pre-orders are going on now.

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