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The Jesus and Mary Chain: “There will be a new album”

on February 10, 2015, 5:05pm

The Jesus and Mary Chain are waxing nostalgia as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of Psychocandy with a series of full album performances. However, the iconic noise pop outfit is also keeping an eye toward the future, revealing plans for their first post-reunion album.

“We’ve got the material, we’ve talked about doing an album for so long now,” singer Jim Reid tells NME. “We are kind of coming round to being in agreement, which is a bit weird for us. There will be an album — we will get it together. I’m more convinced now than I ever have been that there will be a new Mary Chain album.”

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It’s worth nothing that this is not first time the band has made such a declaration. Upon their initial reunion in 2007, the plan was to immediately record the follow-up to 1998’s Munki. Explains Reid, “We thought, ‘We’ve got a bunch of songs, this would make a pretty good Mary Chain album’ — and then there was the usual slaps and scratches between my brother and myself. ‘I wanna do it here’ and ‘I don’t’ and then it was all ‘Fuck you’ and swinging at each other. The usual shit basically.” The pair also had to overcome logistics: Jim Reid didn’t want to spend months away from his kids in order to record in Los Angeles, where brother and guitarist William Reid resides permanently.

Now, though, Reid says that his “kids are a bit older and I’m kind of in the middle of a divorce, so it seems like a good time to get the hell out of town.”

There’s no timeline for the album; if they’re to begin after the latest shows behind Psychocandy, then recording sessions could begin by early summer.

Below, watch the video for “Just Like Honey”.

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