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The Zoltars share new song “Sincere” –- listen

on February 03, 2015, 3:00pm

Austin psych rock outfit The Zoltars embrace their nerdiness. Their name, a reference to the coin-operated fortune teller from Tom Hanks’ Big, is just the first of many indicators, as their lyricism often reveals their geekier tendencies. They’ve fine-tuned their lo-fi downer tunes over the course of two albums, including 2012’s Should I Try Once More? and 2013’s Walking Through The DarkNow, they’re preparing to further stake their claim to loserdom with their self-titled third album, due out February 24th via Happenin’ Records.

Lead single “Sincere” blends the band’s knack for throwback garage rock attitude and surreal lyricism. The Zoltars cooly ride a jangly guitar riff that feels like something out of The Kingsmen’s repertoire. Meanwhile, frontman Jared Leibowich nonchalantly sings about meeting cool girls who make the “tumors in his head go pop.” It’s a fleeting burst of old school energy with punk rock attitude. Listen in below.

The Zoltars Tracklist:
01. We Missed Out
02. 16-17-18 Living
03. Movies
04. Sincere
05. High
06. Out Of My Head
07. Jailbreak
08. Bad Man
09. Poisonous Poet
10. Holiday

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