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Courtney Love suing person behind this fake Nirvana song called “Flaccid Bone”

on March 09, 2015, 9:42am

Hackers and album leaks are nothing new in the music industry, but this year seems especially fraught with them — just ask Björk or Madonna. The latest victim of such criminal behavior? Apparently — Nirvana?

Last month, a purported Nirvana song called “Flaccid Bone” surfaced on YouTube. The person behind the recording claimed to have “hacked” the track from Courtney Love. “She said this came from the early ’90s recording sessions. Supposedly Kurt hated it, and canned it. I mean no disrespect to Kurt, but this is coming out eventually. He hated several of his songs anyway!”

Since this so-called “leak,” Love has come out and adamantly called “Flaccid Bone” a fake. According to her, not only is the track a total fabrication, but that she never had it in her possession in the first place. The whole situation’s gotten her so riled up that she’s taking action — in the form of a lawsuit. Love, who is partially an owner of Kurt Cobain’s music rights, is currently working with law enforcement to track the bogus “hacker” in hopes of bringing him/her to justice.

Below, listen to “Flaccid Bone”, the fake Nirvana song that started it all.