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Faith No More premieres new single “Superhero” — listen

on March 01, 2015, 4:45pm

Faith No More will return with their first new album in 18 years, Sol Invictus, on May 19th through Reclamation Records and Ipecac Recordings. Today, the seminal rock outfit has shared their new single “Superhero”, appropriately premiered on

The band’s bassist Bill Gould grew up a fan of Marvel’s Silver Surfer and Nova, so he was chosen to sit down with the website to talk about the track and the new album. Gould said the song came together as much of Faith No More’s music does: visually.

‘Superhero’ actually just started from the sound of the song, where it has these pounding drums and it has like this throbbing kind of pulse, and we just called it the “Superhero” song. Because, a lot of the ways we write we visualize things.

Actually this is kind of interesting because we’re probably a unique band in a way. While we write music we’re talking about chord changes and different things like that. What we do is we describe scenes together, and we can visualize the scene and the music kind of comes. We kind of make movie scenes for movies that don’t exist. ‘Superhero’ was one of those where it was definitely a superhero comic, I mean that was just the vibe of the song, and when Mike came to me writing words about it, we were already calling it “Superhero.” So it’s kind of like in the DNA; it’s a comic strip.”

Check out the intense track below.

In the interview, Gould also discussed Sol Invictus, revealing they’d just completed mastering “about 10 days ago.” “I would say, what I really hope we accomplish with this is, where it sounds like us but it doesn’t sound like we used to,” he said. “It sounds like we are in 2015 and it doesn’t sound old, but at the same time also it doesn’t sound like some propelled record, it sounds like it’s actually an album.”

Read the whole thing at Marvel. In case you missed it, listen to previously revealed single “Motherfucker” and the live debut of “Cone of Shame”.