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Marathon: Fast and Furious

on March 30, 2015, 12:05am
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Furious 6 a.k.a. Fast & Furious 6



SECOND 0:54 And we’re off! Dom and Brian racing for 80th time

MINUTE 1:49 Never mind. Racing to see Brian’s baby!

2:15 Fast clip show.

4:46 Moscow…and The Rock! And Gina Carano.

6:22 Beating the shit out of suspect in interrogation room. Room destroyed. We’re what…five minutes in?

6:47 “You want to catch wolves, you need wolves. Let’s go hunting!” The Rock now a permanent staple in the franchise.

8:54 Dom now knows about Letty. Love triangle time.

9:57 “The crew we’re after, they hit like thunder, disappear like smoke.” – The Rock rules

10:22 Dammit. It’s Rome.

11:34 Luda, Gadot…and Han are all back.

12:41 “It’s Roman, Bitches” on outside of plane. Lordy.

1241 Marathon: Fast and Furious

13:31 Model of Dom’s car as a gift for his nephew. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Dom’s a softie.

13:55 Walker, again, a much better actor than he was 15 years ago.

15:42 London Drift?

16:20 Two Spanish guys not invited back. We’re going to be okay.

17:57 “It’s on the house,” says The Rock after firing into a vending machine.

23:12 Owen Shaw has the Bat Tumblr.

2312 Marathon: Fast and Furious

25:44 The Bizarro Fast Gang. Everyone has a double they’re up against!

26:48 Rome in awful car accident!!

29:48 The Rock jumps off of moving car onto a moving car on bridge below. Yes!

30:13 Letty is alive…and she’s shot Dom.

32:03 “You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do.” I’m getting a sense that there is a theme of family in this series.

33:51 #teampu**y

34:22 “It’s like were hunting our evil twins!” Rome and I on the same page. What is happening???

35:58 Gisele is the name of Gal Gadot’s character. It took three movies for me to register that.

41:01 Gina Carano’s MMA coming in handy.

48:50 Han vs doppelgänger. Carano vs. Rodriguez in handcuff fight.

51:40 Apparently Letty did suffer from amnesia after shot to the head. Guess that would happen.

53:26 Braga working with Shaw! Bringin’ in the Fast vets, y’all! The more John Ortiz the better.

56:42 Return to L.A. for Brian…and Shea Whigham. This series leaves no one behind.

57:42 Brian goes to jail under name of “T. Bridges.” Todd Bridges slam? (Later discovered it is a reference to Tyrese and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Doh!)

5742 Marathon: Fast and Furious

58:23 Brian breaks Whigham’s nose again. Even Whigham calls him out on it!

RANDOM THOUGHT: This series got better as it became more aware of how ridiculous it is.

HOUR 1:01:19 Baraga was actually running things for Shaw. There’s always someone else…

1:04:20 Street race. Ugh. But at least it’s between Letty and Dom.

1:06:45 Rita Ora has more lines here than she allegedly has in all of 50 Shades of Gray.

1:09:07 NOS sighting in Letty’s car!

1:09:39 Dom and Letty head to Battersea Power Station — home of Pink Floyd’s Animals album cover. No flying pig this time. “Charade you are!” (Waters)

10939 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:13:21 Dom giving her that cross of his. It’s now her cross to bear. That’s probably not accurate. I’m thinking too deep about this movie.

1:15:27 “Your code is about ‘family.’” Good point, Owen. Dom needs to know when the heat comes around the corner, you gotta go.

1:18:08 …and Brian’s heading back to London. Probably could have cut that whole “return to L.A.” sequence to make this movie an even two hours, but whatevs.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Still so ridiculous that Luda’s character from 2 Fast is this tech genius.

1:21:53 “Samoan Thor” is how Luda has Hobbs identified on his phone. He was addressed as Captain America earlier in the film, Gina Carano dated Henry Cavill (Superman), Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, Vin Diesel is Groot. Am I missing any superhero connections? Oh, The Rock is Shazam!

1:24:15 We’re gonna protect our little egg, move it out of the henhouse, then we’re gonna wait for that goddamn fox to arrive!” – classic Hobbs

1:27:09 A tank has burst out the front of a semi. Out of, not smashed through.

12709 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:29:06 “We need a plan C, D, E. We need more alphabets!” – Tej

1:29:41 Shaw’s tank just driving over moving vehicles. Innocent people being smashed!

1:30:58 “I gotta tank on my ass!” Rome actually amusing and tolerable. It took three movies, but better late than never.

1:33:44 Dom soars through the air towards another bridge, catches Letty who has been flung in the air, and they both land safely on a car. This is great.

13344 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:35:05 Shaw in prison. Something tells me this is ‘bout to go the route of The Dark Knight and Skyfall.

1:36:12 Han and Gisele are moving to Tokyo…where I’m guessing one of them will break the other’s heart and Han will die. No!!!

1:40:07 Gina Carano is a double agent! Did not see that coming. (Applause)

1:41:50 “That ain’t a plane! That’s a planet!” That’s enough, Rome!

1:42:36 “Ride or die.” Dom!

1:45:41 Dom soaring head-butt!

14541 Marathon: Fast and Furious

RANDOM THOUGHT: No less than three fistfights happening on this moving plane.

1:49:40 “Wrong team, bitch!” – Letty to Gina. Bye, Gina.

1:51:09 Gisele sacrificed herself to save Han? Shit. No wonder he ends up in Tokyo alone.

1:53:55 Dom just drove a car through a plane and out the nose as the plane exploded. When does Furious 7 come out again?

15355 Marathon: Fast and Furious

1:57:10 Family dinner

1:58:08 All free! Thanks, Hobbs!

1:59:00 Oh, and bye Brazilian cop from Fast Five! Sorry, but Dom’s back with Letty.

1:59:18 “’Til next time.”

2:02:29 During credits, we return to Han’s death in Tokyo Drift.

2:03:19 It was Jason Statham who killed him! Seriously, when does Furious 7 come out???

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