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Music Frozen Dancing Festival 2015: From Cool to Frostbitten

on March 02, 2015, 11:45am
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Photography by Steven Arroyo

“MUSIC FRIENDLY DANCING.” Those are the three endearingly unsubtle words that have long graced the awning of Chicago’s legendary Empty Bottle bar and concert venue. The arguably cruel idea of hosting a free music festival stacked with great bands but having it take place directly outside the bar in February in Chicago makes a case against the second of those three awning words, though — hence, the second annual Music Frozen Dancing festival, which the Bottle successfully hosted Saturday on Cortez Street at Western Avenue. Constant sunshine, grill food, and Goose Island beer were available to attendees as supplements for their constitutions in defending against temperatures that stood firmly in the mid-20s all day.


This crowd-surfer didn’t seem to mind. Neither did we, thanks almost entirely to the spotless four-act bill of movement-insisting, circulation-forcing bands: four of the most promising today, including two hometown. Read on for our thoughts and how well each act’s individual coolness indexes stacked up against that of the merciless yeti that is Chicago in February.

–Steven Arroyo
Senior Staff Writer

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