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Saxsyndrum and Sea Oleena share Lykke Li cover “Dance, Dance, Dance” — listen

on March 12, 2015, 3:00pm

Saxsyndrum first came to our attention at a late night club show during POP Montreal. The experimental duo’s ability to take a messy jazz base on a fantastic, funky electronic journey was captivating. On 2013’s Future Circus, they demonstrated this with the track “Witchkraft”, featuring fellow Montréalaise Sea Oleena. The track is an often cacophonous conglomeration of sounds and Oleena’s simple coos that feels like a noisy party: fun, crowded, and bright. On their latest collaboration, a cover of Lykke Li’s “Dance, Dance, Dance”, they’ve created a different vibe entirely.

The track still lives in Saxsyndrum’s jazzy wheelhouse, with saxophone fluttering over a synth beat. However, it comes together far more gently here, a sweet pop number with violin strings and interspersed keys painting in dusky pastels. For her part, Oleena’s voice is no longer relegated to being another instrument. Instead, her lyrics are as central to the song’s story as her soft melodies, and their delivery is as key as the words themselves. “Having trouble telling how I feel/ But I can dance, dance, dance,” she sings. “Couldn’t possibly tell you how I mean/ But I can dance, dance, dance.” It’s a pretty notion and even a prettier song. Check it out below.

Saxsyndrum will bring its unique electro-jazz sounds to Ontario’s newly launched WayHome Music & Arts Festival this summer.

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