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Stream: Liturgy’s new album The Ark Work

on March 16, 2015, 10:50am

Liturgy will release its new album, The Ark Work, on March 24th via Thrill Jockey. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in full over at NPR.

Spanning 10 tracks, the record serves as the Brooklyn band’s third to date and follows 2011’s breakthrough LP, Aesthethica. According to a press release, it incorporates various new elements into Liturgy’s brand of black metal, including “cross-fertilized hardstyle beats,” “glitched re-sampling of IDM,” and “occult-orientated rap.”

The statement goes on to note that The Ark Work “hums and churns with Hunt-Hendrix’s inventive arrangements — drenched with glockenspiels, bagpipes, strings, ritual chanting, and MIDI horns. It supplements its metal energy with motifs from unlikely, disparate genres. The result is a rich, seething cyber-fantasia that is improbably listenable, a blend of startling invention, high caliber musicianship, raw energy, and profound, cosmic sadness.”

The album is preceded by the singles “Quetzalcoatl” and “Reign Array”. Below, revisit the bizarre 11-minute opus “Reign Array”.

Pre-orders are ongoing.

The Ark Work Tracklist:
01. Fanfare
02. Follow
03. Kel Valhaal
04. Follow II
05. Quetzalcoatl
06. Father Vorizen
07. Haelegen
08. Reign Array
09. Vitriol
10. Total War

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