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The Funniest Comics of SXSW 2015

on March 22, 2015, 6:30pm
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Horatio Sanz


Photo by Heather Kaplan

“Well, this one got a little strange,” admitted Comedy Bang Bang host Scott Aukerman after an uproarious raunch fest that brought Earwolf’s flagship podcast to an all-time high of lowbrow comedy. The hour-and-a-half set embraced illegal porn, a forbidden exchange of nuptials, and novel bodily fluids advice. Quick wits and crude humor provided the perfect playground for eight-year SNL veteran Horatio Sanz to prove that he’s gone Super Saiyan in the reliable guest spot department.

Sanz was in town to record the latest episode of The Hooray Show. Yeezus effing Christ! He murdered CBB with his Kanye West character, keeping it locked down with a backward flannel and hater blockers. Aukerman was just a few minutes into greeting guests Colin Hanks (All Things Must Pass), Lauren Lapkus (With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, Orange Is the New Black), and Nick Kroll (Adult Beginners, Kroll Show) before Sanz aired dirty laundry about Kim, Grammy scuffles, and all sorts of sage albeit unpopular wisdom, such as encouraging teens to join ISIS. For shame, Kanye!


Photo by Heather Kaplan

It was a treat to watch the first-ever pair up of Sanz and Kroll on the CBB podcast. They have brilliant chemistry. Kroll channeled his own inner Sylvester Stallone to discuss misbehavior with groupies and followed with Spanish language radio DJ Chupacabra. Lapkus and Hanks wiped away rivers of tears as Sanz exposed Ye’s “erect full-blooded penis” via a nifty rubber sex toy hung upside down and tugged through his jeans. No less, right in front of Scott’s middle school-aged nephew, Todd. Ye, get it together, man!

Those lucky enough to witness this grandstanding caricature were sure to return for Sanz’s next appearances on Matt Besser’s Improv4humans podcast recording, as well as on his own podcast, which was recorded in the intimate black box theatre, The Hideout. Some of Sanz’s early crowd work revealed a not-so-happily-married couple. An anxious yet hilarious tension palpitated among audience and performer alike, until Aaron Neville slid in to smooth it all out. All week long, Sanz’s performances in a number of podcast, sketch, and improv shows just kept getting weirder. But hey, that’s the way they like it in Austin.

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