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Top 10 Songs of the Week (3/27)

on March 27, 2015, 5:00pm
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Even though it seemed like most of the music industry was slamming back Lone Stars by the pair last week, it certainly didn’t take long for some stellar tracks to start flowing in. Some came smashing through the speakers, like Prurient’s new industrial assault, while fresh selections from Mavis Staples and Mas Ysa took more leisurely routes into our selection. FKA twigs and Bodega Bamz set out on some crazy aural detours, but they too eventually found their way. Plus, we get to welcome back Jamie xx. Plug in and enjoy the journey.

10. The Japanese House – “Pools to Bathe In”

The-Japanese-House - EP

This is only the second song we’ve heard from The Japanese House. As far as we know, she is 19, from London, and makes music. But if “Pools to Bathe In” and her debut “Still” are anything to go off of, this is a young talent to be reckoned with going forward. “Pools to Bathe In” is a slow, heartbroken affair that takes the songwriter’s voice and atomizes it over a flowing blend of guitars, bass, and synthetic twinkles. She sings across multiple channels at once, harmonizing with herself, pronouncing soulful lyrics about changing, healing, and growing up. “I get such a rush with my head out the window,” she sings, but the song carries the weight of an adrenaline rush long faded, barely remembered. For such an early release, “Pools to Bathe In” is a work of remarkable patience. Find it on The Japanese House’s upcoming EP of the same name, out April 27th via Dirty Hit. –Sasha Geffen

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