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Caribou’s video for “Can’t Do Without You” features a boy and his floating fish — watch

on April 15, 2015, 11:20am

In their new video for “Can’t Do Without You”, Caribou touches on the sweetness of a child and his pet. Only instead of a dog, here you’ve got a giant, floating piñata fish.

The clip for the Our Love track follows a young boy and his impossible creature pal out on a playdate. Using the simple setup, director Lorenzo Fonda runs through the range of emotions one would expect in a heartbreak story like “Can’t Do Without You”, but certainly not in the way you might imagine. At first there’s fear, then wonder, peace, and finally, complete and utter depression. That’s a heck of an emotional breadth for a video that doesn’t even break four minutes and is essentially just one kid running forward. Check it out below.

Caribou is also hosting a contest to win the otherworldly fish thing. To win the 12-foot long, five-foot tall, four-foot wide, 50-pound beast, you’ll have to explain what sort of adventure or dream you have planned for the animal. Enter at Caribou’s website.