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Chance the Rapper teases collaboration with Kanye West

on April 28, 2015, 10:51pm

Chance the Rapper’s affinity for Kanye West is well documented. The first track on his mixtape Acid Rap, “Good Ass Intro”, both sampled Kanye’s own “Intro (I’m Good)” and was an homage to the original title for My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyGood Ass Job. Chance even got to meet his hero last year and provided photographic evidence. Now, it seems the two Chicago rappers have crossed paths again.

Earlier today, Chance posted a photo of himself and West to his Instagram account with the caption, “When I dream of Heaven I don’t see sharp edges.” Both Chance and Kanye have announced albums due out sometime this year: Surf and So Help Me God, respectively. Fingers crossed for two of Chi-Town’s finest to appear on the same track on at least one of these records.

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