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Gremlins remake still happening, adds Goosebumps screenwriter

on April 09, 2015, 5:30pm

Gremlins isn’t very high on the list of necessary remakes. It’s probably sandwiched somewhere between Das Boot and that movie where Harrison Ford lives with Amish people. Although, if She’s All That can be redone, maybe it’s not so surprising that we’re on the verge of Joe Dante’s 1984 black comedy Christmas classic being reimagined.

Warner Bros. has tapped screenwriter Carl Ellsworth to watch over the Mogwai. His resume includes this year’s retelling of R.L. Stine’s classic young adult series Goosebumps, in addition to past remakes of Red Dawn and The Last House on the Left. Early word on Goosebumps has been positive, so it’s possible that he could resurrect this franchise with some 2K15 energy. Maybe you can’t feed Gizmo after midnight unless it’s Taco Bell’s Fourth Mealor the “no bright lights” rule could be broken when the gremlins attack a Skrillex concert.

The remake will be produced by Chris Columbus, who wrote the original, and Steven Spielberg, who was executive producer the first time around. As of press time, there’s still no word yet on whether the vegetable gremlin or Phoebe Cates will make cameos.

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