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Heems sells whiteness to Eric Andre in “Sometimes” video

on April 07, 2015, 3:57pm

Heems, aka Himanshu Suri, released his incredible debut solo album, Eat, Pray, Thug, in March to plenty of critical acclaim in the rap-sphere. But the former Das Racist member is known just as well for adding humor to his politics. In his new video for “Sometimes”, he finds himself selling a topical cream designed to make the user white, thus making them appealing to white women.

Eric Andre is the star of the video as a man whose girlfriend won’t take him seriously because he won’t take brie cheese and white wine seriously. When he sees Heems in an infomercial selling his miracle ointment to Das Racist hype man Dapwell, he sets out to prove himself worthy to his lady. Alas, Andre’s Adult Swim cohort Hannibal Buress swoops in and snatches her away, even replacing him in every picture of the couple. The stare-down between Andre and Hannibal rivals the stare-down in Kill Bill Vol. 1, and Dapwell’s krumping in the infomercial background and inability to woo an Avril Lavigne knockoff steals the video. Watch below.

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