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Jacob Turnbloom premieres new single “Reborn Boys” — listen

on April 23, 2015, 10:15am

If you take a look at the Facebook page for San Diego rocker Jacob Turnbloom, you’ll be met with a post about a “polka version” of Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” and a profile pic of him completely doused in beer with the perfect caption of #tecateface. Though these goofy social media moments obviously only represent just one side of Turnbloom, his music often brims with this same kind of loose and lively spark.

Sometimes that energy manifests itself as sweaty garage rock, like that of his band Mrs. Magician, which has been likened to The Jesus and Mary Chain and is currently signed to John Reis’ (Rocket from the Crypt) label Swami Records. Other times, like when he performs under his own name, it takes the form of scruffy, sun-soaked power pop. Such is the case for Turnbloom’s forthcoming release, a solo 7-inch due out on May 19th via Thrill Me Records.

The record is anchored by resplendent Side A single “Reborn Boys”. A ramshackle amalgamation of garage pop and punk, it’s outfitted with riffs that crackle and sizzle under the weight of Turnbloom’s tangy melodies. It sounds as though he’s having one hell of a good time playing the track; listening to the infectious jam, it’s difficult not to have the same reaction. Check it out below.

Pre-orders for the 7-inch are ongoing. For more, check out the B-side track “Heart Breaker”.