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Mick Jagger calls into Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast — listen

on April 02, 2015, 12:15pm

Marc Maron just nabbed the biggest interview of his podcast career. His whole life he’s been a fan of The Rolling Stones; there’s even a poster for the Gimme Shelter documentary hanging in the very garage he does the WTF Podcast. So when he recently secured a 10-minute interview with Mick Jagger, he understandably geeked out.

Maron invited his friend and fellow podcaster Dean Delray over to listen to the conversation, their excitement and anticipation is tangible as they wait for Jagger to dial in. When the Stones frontman finally called from the West Indies, Maron’s usually curmudgeonly couldn’t seem to hide the never-ending smile in his voice.

While Maron tried not to go all super-fan (he he ultimately failed), he and Jagger discussed the forthcoming Sticky Fingers reissue and the band’s Zip Code stadium tour. Jagger mentioned that they’ll try to slip a few less-played Sticky Fingers cuts into the setlist like “Sister Morphine”, which hasn’t been played live in about 10 years. There’s also the chance they’ll just play the whole album straight through. “It might work, and it might not,” Jagger explained. “It’s got quite a few slow songs on it. Maybe it’ll work; you gotta see.”

Jagger also said that he and Keith Richards are getting along “Pretty good. I saw him the other day.” He added that Mick Taylor won’t be joining them on this trek, and that he misses Bill Wyman’s dance moves on stage. Other guest performers are still a possibility, but as with the setlist, things will come together when rehearsals pick up.

Near the end of their conversation, Maron recalled that he last saw the band live at 1983 at Madison Square Garden, where Screaming Jay Hawkins replaced James Brown as the opening act. With no sense of anything but sincerity, Jagger told Maron he had to “come more than once every 30 years.” He even invited him to their upcoming gig in San Diego. “You should give me a call,” Jagger told Maron. “You should book the tickets, come with your friends, and we’ll make a special place for you. Come and enjoy yourself.” You can practically hear Maron pee himself. Delray actually breaks into tears off-mic.

It’s a pretty amazing, easy-going phone call that feels very much like two genuine individuals talking shop more than an interview. The whole thing is worth a listen, so check it out at the WTF Podcast site. (Jagger calls in around the 14:00 mark, but the whole thing before and after makes for a great podcast.)