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Real, permanent bathrooms have been built on the Coachella site

on April 06, 2015, 9:29am

Coachella banned selfie sticks in a move to improve attendees’ comfort, but they’ve also added something. Goldenvoice has revealed that they’ve built the first permanent bathrooms on the Empire Polo Club fields.

The structure sits on the “terrace” section of the grounds, where much of the food and (at least last year) the Do Lab are located. Within the slope-roofed building are 324 private stalls and a series of trough-style sinks with three faucets each. There are soap dispensers, gaps in the roof for ventilation, and even toilet seat covers. According to a mock property listing Goldenvoice worked up to announce the new addition, the “Midcentury Gem” covers 18,480 square feet.

So for those annoyed that they won’t be able to hold a large stick in the air to take a picture of all their duck-faced friends/obstruct the view of anyone behind them, at least you’ll be able to pee in relative comfort. Now let’s see how long it takes over 80,000 people to make these fancy lavatories feel like shiny port-a-potties.

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