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Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

on April 24, 2015, 1:00pm
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10 Secrets from Star Wars Celebration 2015

star wars celebration 2015 Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

This year’s Celebration was seeded with a great many secrets. And as always, the crew of State of the Empire was there to give nuanced insight into the galaxy far far away. No doubt many caught the big announcements like the new Episode VII teaser or the details of Rogue One‘s plot. There was no shortage of fascinating surprises hidden throughout the event – you can hear us talk at length about the event on the latest episode of State of the Empire, but here we’ve singled out just a few of our favorite lesser-known reveals from the weekend.

BB8 is an Astromech Droid

bb 8 Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

…or at least he can function as one. This is a photo of a model used in The Force Awakens, which appeared in the prop exhibit at Star Wars Celebration. It’s the new Incom T-70 X-wing fighter flown by the Resistance, likely by Oscar Isaac’s character Poe Dameron. R2-D2 is an astromech droid made for servicing spacecraft while they’re flying as well as providing high level navigation functions. Since we see the super cool “ball droid” BB-8 hooked into a starfighter, it seems as though the adorable droid must certainly be an astromech, too. Another fun fact relating to BB-8 surfaced in the press conference, when Kathleen Kennedy mentioned they partnered with Sphero to bring the droid’s astounding gyroscopic ball movement to life. Basically, you can get your own mini BB-8 right now.

Wookiees Ride Monkeys and Are Force-Sensitive to Trees

clone wars wookiees Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

An unmade story arc of The Clone Wars was set on the Wookiee’s forest planet of Kashyyyk, and in it, the Wookiees ride on these large monkey creatures. According to showrunner Dave Filoni, the Wookiees don’t like riding them as they’re sacred forest animals and treated with reverence, but in times of need, they make exceptions. As seen in the adjacent sketch, “Tarfful Speaks to the Trees”, the Wookiees have a great reverence for the forests, where they manifest in their Force-like ability to commune with the trees themselves. In this illustration, Tarfful is asking the trees’ permission to do a drastic thing to repel their enemies: burn some of the forest down.

The Cyclops in the Mos Eisley Cantina is From The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

cyclops Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

In a roundabout way, that is. The 1973 film featured, among its many Ray Harryhausen-animated creatures, a cycloptic centaur. The burgeoning creature guru Rick Baker was to make masks for retail based on the film, but it never panned out. The pickup shots for the Mos Eisley cantina featuring some of the most memorable creatures were assembled quickly and, as such, many of the creatures were constructed from parts laying around. And so, the centaur mask had most of its fur stripped off, was repainted, and became the cantina patron eventually known as Myo. He’s joined by many other Rick Baker misfits, including a repainted Frankenstein’s Monster mask and a reconfiguring of the mutant baby from the 1974 film, It’s Alive.

This is What Oppo Rancisis’ Lightsaber Looks Like

oppo saber Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

Few members of the Jedi Council didn’t have their unique lightsabers elaborated on in one point of canon or another, but we never saw Oppo Rancisis‘ until now. This concept was developed for an episode of The Clone Wars that was never made. In the “Untold Clone Wars” panel this was one of the many fascinating secrets showcased by showrunner Dave Filoni.

Dave Filoni Wants to Make a Show About Imperial Pilots


Apparently, it’s an idea he’s been kicking around for a while now and it’s not likely to happen soon, but some day it could. As revealed during the panel, “Rebels: Past, Present, and Future”, Filoni’s keen to spend some time with a crew of airmen, likely Imperials, in a show styled after The Right Stuff and Top Gun.

The Look of Star Wars Rebels is a Mash-Up of Ralph McQuarrie, Hayao Miyazaki, and Kenner Toys

mcquarrie miyazaki Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

After the abrupt cancellation of Clone Wars, the Lucasfilm animation team had only two months to come up with the look and lead character designs for Rebels. In order to better reflect the classic trilogy time period and aesthetic, they looked to Ralph McQuarrie’s original Star Wars concept art. However, when it came to streamlined yet expressive character designs, they drew their inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki’s legendary animation. And when it came to character body proportions, they took inspiration from the original Star Wars figures from Kenner. In many cases, when testing character designs, the Rebels team would insert their characters into McQuarrie’s paintings. If they felt like they belonged there, then they had a winner.

The “Bad Batch” Have a Sexy Picture of Padme Painted on Their Ship

padme Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

The Bad Batch are an elite group of clone troopers with specialized mutations. In an unfinished episode arc of The Clone Wars, Anakin notices a sexy portrait of Padme on the squad’s ship akin to the nosecone illustrations on World War II planes. Suffice it to say, he’s none too pleased.

Rebels‘ New Mon Calamari Character is a Tribute to Ralph McQuarrie


The short, moustachioed Mon Calamari (the race Admiral Ackbar famously belongs to) is featured briefly in the trailer to Rebels season 2 (seen bottom left). He’s named is Quarrie, a tribute to Ralph McQuarrie, and is the curmudgeonly manager of an airstrip in one of the season’s early episodes.

Ahsoka’s New Look Was Styled After Female Samurai

ahsoka rebels1 Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

Ahsoka Tano is all grown up in Rebels and she’s got a new look. The team aged her, doing many tests to find a right fit for how her facial markings would change over time, and in the “Rebels: Past, Present, and Future” panel, Dave Filoni revealed that her new look is styled after female samurai. Her armor is suggested to have originated as discoveries in ancient temples on her quests after being kicked out of the Jedi Order. What’s more, her dual lightsabers are older models, with more rectangular blades that curve slightly, katana-like. The color is faint blue — almost white — indicating that the crystals within have not yet fully attuned to her or that she herself is not fully attuned.

Finn Has Anakin’s Saber

finn saber Star Wars Celebration 2015: A Report

Whether or not John Boyega’s character is the force-wielder that Luke will inevitably train, we can’t say definitively. However, this concept art displayed alongside Finn’s outfit at The Force Awakens‘ prop exhibit clearly shows he’ll be hanging on to Anakin/Luke’s blue-bladed saber for a while.

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