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The Japanese House premieres new song “Teeth” — listen

on April 08, 2015, 12:50pm

There aren’t many details floating around regarding The Japanese House. At this point, all we know is that it’s the new solo project of one 19-year-old Londoner named Amber Bain. While this kind of alluring mysteriousness is certainly not unusual for up-and-coming artists (especially on this thing called the World Wide Web), it suits The Japanese House’s surreal brand of alt pop to a T. That was the case on her last single, March’s gorgeous “Pools To Bathe In”, and again holds true for her newest offering, “Teeth”.

Produced by Bain herself alongside George Daniel and Matthew Healy (both of The 1975), the track is a dreamlike display of both careful restraint and free-flowing creativity. Bain experiments with seemingly incongruent tapestries of sound — the earthy and the metal, the muted pastels and radiant neons, the futuristic and the familiar — to create something that’s neither purely cerebral nor of the heart. It’s this elusive intersection of contrasting forces where “Teeth” bites hardest, and, to a larger extent, where The Japanese House itself resides.

Listen in below.

“Teeth” and “Pools To Bathe In” will appear on The Japanese House’s debut EP, Pools To Bathe In, due out on April 27th through Dirty Hit.

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