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Tupac biopic put on indefinite hold

on April 03, 2015, 3:05pm

The long-in-development biopic of Tupac Shakur has once again fallen into limbo. Director John Singleton (Tupac’s Poetic Justice, Four Brothers) was scheduled to begin production on the film this June. Now, though, Singleton has told XXL, “I’m putting my involvement on hold right now because we’re trying to figure out some things. I got a script and I got the blessings from his family. We’ll see … We’ve got to get it right.”

Singleton didn’t specify exactly what needed to be gotten “right,” but insinuated that outside opinions may be getting in the way. “I think the picture is not going to be good unless it’s offensive to some people,” he said. “When I’m making my movies, John Singleton movies, it’s really just my voice. So I can’t be listening to all the other suggestions of all these other people and shit.”

The director added that the door was open for someone else to attempt a different biopic, but that he’s “not going to pull the trigger on that until it’s right.” Back in 2013, a biopic on the late rapper was set to begin production under director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day).

Singleton was also asked about Kendrick Lamar’s use of an old Tupac interview on his To Pimp A Butterfly track “Modern Man”. “Kendrick Lamar is phenomenal,” he said. “I wouldn’t even call Kendrick a rapper, I would call him a performance artist because he’s somebody that’s channeled his own journey into his art and he’s affected so many people. He’s a great example of somebody who’s pouring his soul out to the world.”