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Want Blur to tour the US? Well, you better buy their new album

on April 10, 2015, 2:21pm

Blur has played shows all over the world since reuniting in 2009. They’ve been through Europe, Asia, and South America numerous times, but have only set foot on US soil twice, both times at Coachella 2013, where they were split headliners with The Stone Roses. But with their first new record in over a decade, The Magic Whip, out April 27th, surely a North American tour is on the horizon, right?

Not so fast.

“I’m up for doing a bit of touring,” Damon Albarn told Rolling Stone. “But there’s a great question mark when it comes to America with Blur for me.” Turns out the singer still holds a bit of a grudge about the reception the US gave the band in the ’90s. “I spent a long time when I was younger, traveling and doing it the right way in America, and always feeling very frustrated with the brick wall that we always seemed to hit,” he said. “Partly through our own attitude, and partly through it not really being the right climate for us. I don’t know if that’s the case now. It may not be.”

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While he’s since toured the country both with Gorillaz and as a solo artist, he said he is “not going to lose any sleep over” not bringing Blur around for a trek. There is still hope for fans in the States, however, if they’d just open their wallets.

“It’s really up to whether anyone likes [the new album] over there. That’s my attitude. If you like it, we might come over. If you don’t … I wouldn’t want to arrive with my suitcase and wide eyes to indifference. Why would you?”

TL;DR: If you want to see Blur perform live in the US, tell them by buying The Magic Whip.