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Wu-Tang Clan responds to Divorce Court allegations: “We are polite and well mannered boys”

on April 16, 2015, 1:27pm

Earlier this week, a clip surfaced of an episode of Divorce Court in which a man accused his ex of fucking wit the entire Wu-Tang Clan. Word made it back to the group’s manager, Simon Green, who lol’ed at the idea in a post on Instagram. Method Man responded to the post to deny the claims outright, but from a rather ageist angle.

“That shits fake I would’ve remembered her,” Method wrote. “I would’ve spotted her and said which one of u bitches brought the chaperone… She’s clearly an old-er thot.” He added in a separate post, “And should know better with her old ass.”

I don’t claim to be great at guessing a person’s age, but I’d say the woman in question, Lia Palmquist, can’t be out of her 30s yet. Method is currently 44, which would make him a grandpa by his own standards. Just saying.

Regardless, Green corroborated the rapper’s remark in an interview with The Mirror. “The Wu-Tang Clan are polite and well mannered boys and sometimes girls mistake signals as friendliness,” he said, adding, “I have a general rule – no girls on the bus unless they want to talk about music, politics or chess.” Incidentally, that’s exactly what Palmquist said had happened in her own denial of the purported orgy. “We were not doing anything but talking, politicking,” she said on the show. “We talked about politics.”

Still, Green wrote off her story as likely another fan wanting to sound like she’d gotten close to fame. “What you have to understand is some girls are ‘thirsty’ and throw themselves at the guys,” he said. “But the band are polite and well mannered boys and sometimes girls mistake signals as friendliness.” He added, “I can’t remember her and I remember most of the girls.”

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