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Action Bronson interviewed by his No. 1 fan, Jonah Hill

on May 08, 2015, 10:25am

In the latest issue of Interview magazine, Queens MC Action Bronson sat down for an interview with his “number-one fan,” some actor guy — you might know him — named Jonah Hill.

As one might expect, the resulting discussion between the “Fuck, That’s Delicious” chef-turned-rapper and 21 Jump Street funnyman is one filled with humorous anecdotes, cursing, and brutally honest insight into both the music and acting world. In particular, the two talk about Bronson’s future career in Hollywood, Ghostface Killah comparisons, how Bam Bam’s music impacted Hill’s role in Wolf of Wall Street, and why new album Mr. Wonderful might be headed to Broadway.

Below, check out choice excerpts and/or head here for the full interview.

On Bam Bam’s future in Tinseltown:

HILL: I’m constantly trying to get you cast in movies. And I have to explain to these older white directors who you are. It’s been a hilarious process so far.

Bronson’s just a big kid living in an adult world:

HILL: A lot of your imagery feels like a 70-year-old wise guy going back to Europe, possibly on an escape or to just enjoy the finer parts of the summer.

BRONSON: Honestly, it’s like I’m a big kid doing all these adult things and having an incredible time. My mind is so imaginative and expansive; I can’t really explain it. It’s like the cloud. Somehow these things happen. You don’t know why, but it does.

Hill used Bronson’s music to prepare for Wolf of Wall Street:

HILL: I remember I was probably 23 when Ed Norton interviewed me for Interview—and he’s one of my favorite actors and a friend of mine—but I was terrified because he’s done so many great movies, and he’s older than me. And as an actor—until you start writing and directing stuff—if you’re doing good work, you’re really lucky to be in the hands of the people you’re working with. But as an MC, choosing the beats, designing your record, it’s really coming from who you are. I can give everything I can to a film, but at the end of the day, if I’m not directing it, I’m just putting in a piece of the puzzle. And so for me to watch how you’ve grown, from “Barry Horowitz” and “Buddy Guy” [from Dr. Lecter], which are my two favorites—and actually, when I was making Wolf of Wall Street, those were two of the songs that I listened to every day to get into character …

On all those darn Ghostface Killah comparisons:

BRONSON: Honestly, it takes a lot to fucking sit there and write all this shit. It’s almost impossible to be a carbon copy of somebody, to have that much information just going through your mind constantly.

On the importance of believing in yourself and the work that you do:

BRONSON: “If you don’t like it, no one else is going to like. If you’re really into it, and you’re feeling good about things, you have space to create, let your mind flow, let things happen naturally when they want to happen — not with someone telling you to do it, and then you try too hard, and then you fuck up.

Could Broadway be in the cards for Bronson?

BRONSON: “I ended up putting out fucking incredible work after that, man. With this new shit, man, it’s a fucking musical. I’m going to make a fucking Broadway play out of it, on Broadway, where Cats was, the Winter Garden Theatre, I’m taking over.”

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