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Jack White publishes poem “Music is Sacred”

on May 23, 2015, 12:46pm

Whether you like him or not, there’s no denying the fact Jack White is music’s white knight. The Nashville Walk of Famer and his label Third Man Records consistently reissues records White deems essential to the musical canon, many of which haven’t been pressed in decades. He’s single handedly preserving the legacy of Paramount Records, and also recently made a substantial financial donation to the National Blues Foundation. Oh — and he’s an equity shareholder in the streaming music platform TIDAL, which was created with the vision of “re-establishing the value of music.”

Now, White has written a poem entitled “Music is Sacred.” The text will no doubt be familiar to fans who have seen the Third Man rocker in concert recently, as it’s along the same lines as the speeches White frequently gives in between songs.

those of you who stand for the sanctity of music
so that its soul can breathe
and be heard
so that it blooms in graveyards
echoes in hotel hallways
awakens neighbors in the night
and fills peoples minds with fire
shout it out loud with whatever microphone you have
or these stones will shout for you.
jump in front of demons,
and stand over cowards and those who would intend
to rip out your lungs and dampen your desire
tell the living and the dead
what you know in your heart to be true
and what you know your ears
will forever hear
that the melody of the human race
is a song that never ends.
music is sacred.

Watch White lead Coachella in chanting “music is sacred.”