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Little Racer shares new song “Jack Knife” — listen

on May 18, 2015, 2:45pm

As the band’s name implies, Little Racer moves fast. Last year, the New York surf-pop outfit released its debut EP, Modern Accent, and immediately hit the road for an extensive tour up and down the East Coast. Along the way, they filmed a live session for KEXP at The Cutting Room in Manhattan. The space’s engineers was so pleased with their energetic, jangly vibes that they invited the band back to record some music together. The results are being released as the band’s second EP, Foreign Tongues, out June 16th via PaperCup Music.

For a taste of the Manhattan-born sounds, the band has shared a new single called “Jack Knife”. The track blends chillwave atmosphere with pop-rock precision. Frontman Elliot Michaud’s breezy vocals blend in smoothly with the sweeping guitars and rumbling bass tones. It’s the soundtrack to a first kiss on the beach or a drive home with buddies after “the best night of your lives,” a promise of lasting friendship. It’s a sentiment that carries through to the final verse’s closing lines: “Just pick up the phone, I’m home/ yeah, I’ll be there.”

Frontman Elliot Michaud thought it best to explain the song’s inception via an original poem, which he’s presented below:

Trying to find past sounds that never existed,
I fell upon this lovely mutant eyed beauty
Before me, she’d been Tom Petty’s, and before him, Disco’s.
Trying to find past sounds that never existed,
We stole away as fast we could.

Dressed in hammered tin and plate reverb,
They came down the hall and I knew there was trouble
Drunk with heartland revelry, blades winking in the light,
We had every reason to run
But fought them off together,
Just like we ought to.”

Listen in below.

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