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Louis C.K. will write, direct, and star in new film I’m A Cop

on May 04, 2015, 11:10pm

Louis C.K. already writes, directs, and stars in his hit FX show Louie, and now he’s bringing those talents to the big screen. The comedian will undertake all three tasks for the upcoming film I’m A Cop.

The film will see C.K. playing a depressed, middle-aged volunteer police officer trying to live up to the standards set by his mother, herself a former highly decorated officer of the law. When she passes away, he’s forced to follow the dream he never had: to become a real cop.

Mega producer Scott Rudin (Ex Machina, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Social Network … everything) will oversee the project alongside Dave Becky and Blair Breard, the latter of whom works on Louie and many of C.K.’s standup specials. Rudin recently helped Chris Rock return to triple-threat status with Top Five. Incidently, Rock starred in C.K.’s last big-screen directorial and writing gig, 2001’s Pootie Tang.

C.K.’s experience on Pootie Tang was a sour one, with Paramount removing him from working on the film in post-production. However, he said that he’s learned a lot since then. “I don’t feel like I need anyone to tell me anything with a TV show because I know exactly what I’m doing, but I’d be arrogant to think that I can take someone’s $8 million and just turn in a movie,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was dealing with people every day whose pressures I didn’t understand, and I wasn’t very nice about how I said no to them. I put myself in a position I didn’t have to be in. A lot of what makes this kind of stuff work is empathy.”