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Mikal Cronin’s video for “Say” is a bloody remake of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” — watch

on May 27, 2015, 11:45am

Mikal Cronin has teamed with Funny or Die to create a video for “Say”, one of the standout tracks appearing on the singer-songwriter’s latest album, MCIII. Under the guidance of director Jonah Ray, Cronin delivers a faithful recreation of Paul Simon’s beloved video for “You Can Call Me Al”. You know the one; Simon and Chevy Chase sit in a pink room and the comedian keeps stepping over all of the musician’s lines. Lorne Michaels helped think it up, it’s a classic.

The room’s perfect, the outfits are spot on, the dance moves, and even subtle things like the random moving of a conga drum in the background are all there. Things get complicated, however, when a group of comedians including Kurt Braunohler, Nelson Franklin, and Nick Thune can’t decide who is supposed to play the Chevy part. It all gets overly crowded and tensions mount until things take a drastic, unexpected turn for the dark. Check it out below.

For more hilarity from Mikal Cronin, check out his spoofing of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Turn Around”.

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