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New study reveals most popular drugs at American music festivals

on May 06, 2015, 7:32pm

North American rock festivals remain a hotbed for drug use, as a study from DrugAbuse.com has revealed. The website collated over three million Instagram postings that mentioned 15 of the biggest musical festivals, and examined how many of them also mentioned drug use. The results are broken down by substance type in the below infographic, and the results are fascinating.

90% (!) of all Instagram mentions about KISS’s Chili Cook-off were related to alcohol use, while 82% of Marley Fest postings mentioned marijuana. Perhaps most shocking, however, are the number of references to harder, illegal drugs. Over 12% of Coachella postings were about cocaine, 3.73% postings about Bonnaroo mentioned crack cocaine, and 5.63% of all Instagram content related to Lollapalooza included a mention of opiods.

Burning Man looks to be the place where drugs are most rampant: The festival placed in the top 3 for social media mentions about mushrooms, crack cocaine, mescaline, and LSD.

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