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Ranking: Chicago Critics Film Festival 2015 From Worst to Best

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Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet


Grade: C

What makes The Prophet worth seeking out is the all-star roster of directors on board, illustrating various chapters of Mustafa’s, or rather Gibran’s, philosophies. We get eight music videos and montages in varying styles. Bill Plympton has a freakish color pencil chapter about eating and the Earth. Tomm Moore of Song of the Sea contributes a musical segment about love’s beckoning powers, and it looks like Gustav Klimt on Saturday morning. Spray paint art, stippled textures, music by Damien Rice, blue and purple tangos in the night, a whole world of color and style; the individual segments areThe Prophet’s greatest rewards. It’s a shame the overarching story about Mustafa’s exit is emotionally dumb, and, well, really Disney, with its smirks and big eyes and caricatures. [Read Blake Goble’s full review.]

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