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Ranking: Every Faith No More Song from Worst to Best

on May 13, 2015, 3:00pm
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126. “Introduce Yourself” [4-Track Demos]

Who Cares a Lot? (1998)

We kick this off with a sloppy Chuck Mosley demo. He has a fleck of surfer-bum allure, but does anyone care?

125. “Greed”

We Care a Lot (1985)

Awful ’80s syncopation decided to shit on a cassette and let a stoner chant prayers over it.

124. “Spirit”

Introduce Yourself (1987)

Basically the prior installment’s twin, save for slightly improved production value, and a switch from forgettable Ministry to generic California punk.

123. “As The Worm Turns” [Live]

“Epic” (B-Side) (1990)

Mike Patton’s first appearance covers a Mosley-era tune that (strangely) only Mosley could do. Their styles are vastly dissimilar, exacerbated here in concert.

122. “As The Worm Turns” [Re-Recorded]

“Midlife Crisis” (B-Side) (1992)

It even turns out that the in-studio reworking is only a marginal improvement.

121. “Highway Star” [Live]

Who Cares A Lot? (1998)

Our first truly gimmicky throwaway and one best left to the cutting-room floor. Speaking of which…

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