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Seoul premiere glimmering new single “Haunt / A Light” — listen

on May 11, 2015, 3:20pm

Photo by ​Daniel Topete

Montreal trio Seoul have taken their time in crafting their debut record, I Become a Shade. You could say they’ve been working on it since kindergarten, which is when future bandmates Nigel Ward and Julian Flavin first crossed paths. After the introduction of Dexter Garcia, the band made their live debut in 2013 at Pop Montreal. It was a year later that they released their first two studio tracks online: “Stay With Us” and “White Morning”. Now, a year on from that, the dream pop outfit is finally ready to unleash its debut LP on June 9th via Grand Jury (Last Gang in their native Canada).

Following the album’s lead single, “The Line”, Seoul has delivered another glimmering slice of indie with “Haunt / A Light”. The song drives through the early evening of a sprawling city, bright with artificial light but weighed down with the immensity of its surroundings. Over synth shimmers, a sturdy bass, and the clinking of glasses, the band explores the quest for intangible comfort under the pressures of big city living. Or, as the band explains it:

“‘Haunt / A Light’ is about experiencing and navigating the transitions that result from the pursuit of something incorporeal — comfort, happiness, security, fulfillment all fall under the umbrella of states that this song describes yearning for and falling short of. At the surface, the pursuit of such immaterial things can be frustrating and confusing; we often feel as though we’re acting in vain and lack a clear idea of what we are actually seeking. Adding to this disoriented state is the the feeling of newly re-establishing oneself in a city that seems filled with grounded, motivated and successful people. The only option becomes to surrender oneself to this seemingly perpetual state of not having an answer, and to allow this to in turn motivate the fundamental pursuit — to find comfort and security in flux, and accept that stability can actually come from perpetual motion.”

Take a listen below:

Digital pre-orders for I Became a Shade are on now via iTunes, with physical copies available through Grand Jury. Here’s the full tracklist:

I Became a Shade Tracklist:
01. I Become A Shade
02. The Line
03. Haunt / A Light
04. Real June
05. Fields
06. White Morning
07. Stay With Us
08. Thought You Were
09. I Negate
10. Carrying Home Food In Winter
11. Silencer
12. Galway

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