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Sony launches a lightbulb with built-in Bluetooth speaker

on May 14, 2015, 5:36pm

We all know that lighting and music go hand-in-hand in creating the perfect mod for any romantic evening, dinner party, or even just a quite night in. Now, Sony has devised a way to put both illumination and audiology in one neat package with their new LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker.

The bright idea combines a 360-lumen bulb and a 2-watt, 40mm speaker in such a way that neither interferes with the other. Sony says the speaker sits up front to allow for optimal sound, with the light actually reflecting around and off it as to enable a wide, clear distribution. All you do for a power source is screw it in to any standard light socket.

Though the bulb comes packaged with a remote of its own, users can also download an app to control sound and light via their Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

Sony is launching the device in Japan on May 23rd with a price point of ¥23,880, or about $199. There’s no word yet on whether it will make it to the States or other markets. Below, check out a promo video and a few images of the light/speaker in use.

sonysmartbulb 100584792 large Sony launches a lightbulb with built in Bluetooth speaker