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Sony orders a remake of 1996 horror film The Craft

on May 14, 2015, 10:17am

Remember when witches were supposed to be the next zombies? Ryan Murphy did that whole New Orleans-set season of American Horror Story. A couple of those fantasy horror films popped up in theaters. It seemed logical. Well, looks like Sony is gonna try and keep the spell alive with a remake of their 1996 supernatural teen thriller, The Craft.

If you recall, the original film starred Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, and Rachel True as social outcasts in high school. The four dabble in black magic, Balk goes nutso, walks on water, kills sea life, and Skeet Ulrich gets really, really weird and eerily abusive — you know, back when Skeet Ulrich was still a thing.

Well, that’s all going down again. Gone is director Andrew Fleming and writer Peter Filardi and in is director and writer Leigh Janiak, who should give the story a necessary female perspective. Janiak co-wrote the new script alongside her pal Phil Graziadei, who worked with the director on last year’s Honeymoon. Both Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher will produce.

Here’s hoping Tunney can cameo and maybe, just maybe, Christine Taylor will get all her hair back.

Below, revisit the original film’s trailer.

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