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Stream: Holy Serpent’s anarchic debut album

on May 05, 2015, 2:30pm

Four skaters from Melbourne formed Holy Serpent because they liked to get high and drink and listen to the same music, drawn together by the immortal combination of thick riffing and soaring vocal melody practiced by Pentagram, Uncle Acid, and Black Sabbath. Holy Serpent’s debut album on Riding Easy Records, streaming below, hails from the same school of heaviness and fits snugly in the canon alongside the works that inspired it.

Unabashed in their worship of ’70s heavy psych, the band has the songwriting chops and performances to back up any obvious anachronisms. Centerpiece track “Fools Gold” is carried by flowing riffs and Scott Penberthy’s earnest tenor in the hook. Vocals can be undervalued and under-produced on these types of records, so the care given here is refreshing. Also, Penberthy doesn’t sound like he’s putting on any kind of voice to sound more metal or like anything other than himself. Josh Homme approaches melody similarly with Queens of the Stone Age, and fans of that band will find a lot to like about Holy Serpent.

The album drops May 12th, but Riding Easy Records is currently shipping the vinyl to those who order early. A digital copy can be pre-ordered here.

Holy Serpent Tracklist:
01. Holy Serpent
02. Shroom Doom
03. Fools Gold
04. The Plague
05. The Wind