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Tom Waits treats David Letterman to new song “Take One Last Look” — watch

on May 15, 2015, 8:40am

As of late, it’s taken a monumental occasion for Tom Waits to come out of hiding; his last live performance took place nearly two years ago, at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit. Last night, the legendary singer-songwriter returned to the stage, this time to pay tribute to Dave Letterman.

As a parting gift, Waits debuted a brand new song entitled “Take One Last Look”, an acoustic ballad that appeared to be written with Letterman in mind.

Prior to the performance, Waits sat down for a brief chat with Letterman and George Clooney (earlier in the episode, the two were handcuffed to one another). Waits cracked several one liners about Letterman’s impending retirement, New York City salad bars, and antiperspirant.

“Take One Last Look”: