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Top Songs of the Week (5/8)

on May 08, 2015, 2:00pm
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As a music obsessive, not much tops long road trips soundtracked by great mixes or surrounding yourself with fresh tunes while strolling through a crowded city center. With temperatures finally topping 70 across most of the nation, we can now all indulge in spring/summertime exploits. Whether you prefer charming the cul-de-sac with Ducktails, serenading the block with Little Boots, confusing grannies with ASAP Rocky’s Rod Stewart sample, or setting off car alarms with the likes of Nocturnal Sunshine and Lil Silva, this week’s list promises to keep the weekend lively.

10. Tronik Youth – “The Healer”

Tronik Youth

Saturday night and Sunday morning come crashing together on Tronik Youth’s “The Healer”. A mix of incendiary disco and soulful gospel, Neil Parnell takes to the decks as a synth-backed preacher for this nearly six-minute dance floor sermon. This fusion of hedonism and scripture has its lineage in Chicago’s earliest underground house parties, yet, when crafted by scene vet Parnell, the vibes continue to arrive with the same mystical force as they did back in 1985. Grab “The Healer” on May 18th via Parnell’s own Nein Records, and look for Tronik Youth’s debut album to come out this summer. –Derek Staples

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