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White Hills premiere music video for “Wanderlust” — watch

on May 07, 2015, 10:30am

New York psych rockers White Hills have seemingly been everywhere. From playing shows around the world, to playing themselves in Jim Jarmusch’s film Only Lovers Left Alive, to releasing a new app, the last few years have been busy ones for the duo. Somewhere along the way they found time to record their latest album, Walks For Motorists, which came out last month.

It only makes sense that their time touring would have an effect on their music, particularly with the track “Wanderlust”. Now, they’ve released a music video for the track that documents their experiences on the road. After merging the duo’s faces together like a tile game, photos of the band intersperse with footage from their past few years of travels. Clips of rainbows in Spain and a flock of sheep in Basque Country collide while one of the band’s trademark sweltering solos rolls on underneath.

“White Hills has spent a lot of time on the road over the past few years and the song ‘Wanderlust’ is about our love of touring,” frontwoman and video director Ego Sensation says. “The fragmented squares and roaming camera are a metaphor of trading in the monotony of order for the freedom and uncertainty of life on the road.”

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