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Bodies Be Rivers share new song “Without Me” – listen

on June 08, 2015, 1:00pm

Brooklyn indie pop outfit Bodies Be Rivers may have a massive sound, but their beginnings were a bit more reserved. Guitarist Thomas Stephanos and vocalist/keyboardist Lauren Smith first began collaborating in Smith’s living room. As they tinkered with sounds and ideas, they found a darkening aesthetic that they could call their own. Since then, they’ve expanded into a six-piece and have plans to release their debut EP in August.

The first taste from the EP comes in the form of single “Without Me”. Slow and deliberate drums come into the mix, creating a platform for the guitar to build moody textures. Smith’s vocals move from steady lows to jarring high notes. The atmosphere feels intoxicating and haunting, sounding more like a haunted house than a bedroom pop origin story. Listen in below.

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