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Death Grips release mysterious new album from The I.L.Y.’s

on June 04, 2015, 9:15am

Death Grips have unveiled their latest riddle. The band has shared I’ve always been good at true love from a band called The I.L.Y.’s. Never heard of The I.L.Y.’s? You’re not alone. A search through Google lends no prior mention of the band, leading some fans to speculate that The I.L.Y.’s are actually Death Grips — or, some related side project.

The most popular theory is that The I.L.Y.’s are a band featuring Death Grips’ Zach Hill on vocals and production from Andy Morin, along with Tera Melos’ Nick Reinhardt on guitar. A t-shirt donning the title of the album’s opening track, “The Sickest Fuck Of Them All”, was seen in Death Grips’ video for “I’ve Seen Footage”. The Sickest Fuck of Them All was also the name of a film Hill was working on.

Some fans have also speculated that The I.L.Y.’s will serve as the opening act for Death Grips’ upcoming US tour.

While we wait for more answers, listen to a full stream of The I.L.Y.’s I’ve always been good at true love from below.

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